Native Plants
Wild Columbine
Why Native Plants
Box Locally native plants have been sustaining our local wildlife for eons and were the ones present in southeastern Pennsylvania in pre-colonial times.
Box Native plants support significantly more native wildlife than do non-native plants.
Box Native plants are integral to the web of life, providing the seeds, nuts, berries, nectar, buds and foliage that native animals require.
Box These plant foods are more digestible and nutritious than those from non-natives and are available when our native wildlife needs them most.  For example, many native trees and shrubs provide highly nutritious berries in late summer and fall, just when migrating birds need high-energy food for their long journeys.
Box Because natives are adapted to local soils and conditions, when planted in the right spot they don't need to be fertilized or watered.
Box Pesticides aren't required because native plants have defenses against indigenous insects, which are also kept in check by birds, insect enemies, and other animals.