1. Create bird-friendly spaces in your yard through native plant gardening.
  2. Keep feeders, birdbaths, and nest boxes clean and in good repair.
  3. Participate in community science projects such as the Christmas Bird Count, Great Backyard Bird Count, Project Nestwatch, and Project Feederwatch.
  4. Turn off outside lights during migration.
  5. Volunteer for conservation projects or with your local Audubon chapter.
  6. Protect birds from window strikes at home.  Learn how to stop collisions at https://valleyforgeaudubon.org/bird-window-collisions/
  7. Reduce pesticide and herbicide use. Learn how neonicotinoid pesticides harm birds at  https://valleyforgeaudubon.org/2023/07/07/neonicotinoid-insecticides-harm-birds/
  8. Keep cats indoors. Check out these simple solutions to keep pet cats and wild birds safe at https://abcbirds.org/catio-solutions-cats/
  9. Consider your environmental impact, even when you go birding.
  10. Donate to conservation organizations.