Backyards for Nature

Inspiring and teaching people to create healthy habitats in their yards by planting native plants and providing the essentials for wildlife to thrive.

Edie Parnum and Barb Elliot, PhD, Co-Directors of Backyards for Nature:

  • Help homeowners create nature-friendly yards for birds, butterflies, and other native wildlife.
  • Recommend planting locally native plants, the historic plants in our local ecosystem, to create a functioning web of life.
    • Native plants offer optimal food, shelter, and breeding places for our native animals.
    • They are essential hosts for native insects, the primary food for birds and many other creatures.
  • Provide information on wildlife-friendly native plants for southeastern Pennsylvania and environs  (see Recommended Native Plants and Sources of Native Plants).
  • Present programs to local groups (see Request a Program).
  • Offer on-site yard consultations for improving wildlife habitat (See Request a Yard Visit).
  • Write the Backyards for Nature blog with ecosystem gardening information and backyard nature observations.

    Cedar Waxwing Eating Serviceberry
    Cedar Waxwing Eating Serviceberry

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