Request a Yard Visit

Request a Yard Visit

A Backyards for Nature Director will visit your yard and, based on your goals, will make suggestions for creating or improving your backyard wildlife habitat. A consultation generally takes about two hours.

To have a backyard consultation:

You must make a donation of $50 to the Valley Forge Audubon Society.

Complete a Landscape Audit Form, draw a rough sketch of your property, and submit these in advance. Having this information ahead of time will enable the Director who visits you to prepare for the meeting and make better suggestions for

Bumble Bee on Upland Ironweed
Bumble Bee on Upland Ironweed


Steps to Follow:

1. Download the Instructions for a Backyards for Nature Site Visit, Landscape Audit Form, and if you need it for your sketch, the graph paper.

2. Read the Instructions, complete the Landscape Audit Form, and draw a rough sketch of your yard.

3. Email any questions you have to Edie Parnum

4. Submit your Landscape Audit Form and sketch according to the instructions.

5. You will be called to schedule the consultation.