Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Contact a Board Officer if you have specific questions or suggestions.

President: Vince Smith

Vice President: Patricia Nastase
Treasurer: Nick Montalto
Secretary: Open


Jean Bochnowski
Ralf Graves
Bernadette Montemayer
Nick Montalto
Vince Smith
Patricia Nastase

Committees & Chairpersons:

Publications: Patricia Nastase
John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove: Jean Bochnowski
Outreach: Patricia Nastase
Bird Walks & Ornithological Activities: Vince Smith
Programs: Patricia Nastase and Vince Smith
Important Bird Areas (IBA)/Conservation: Vince Smith
Thursday Hikes: Esther Underhill
Advocacy: Ralf Graves
Backyards for Nature: Edie Parnum and Barb Elliot
Kids’ Walks: Joe Hudson