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Request a Yard Visit

Thanks for your interest in creating a healthy habitat in your yard! Edie Parnum, Co-Director of Backyards for Nature, will be pleased to come to your property for a consultation. In preparation for that visit, please provide some information about your property and your goals. She suggests that you also talk to other members of your household about their preferences.

Steps to Follow:

1. Complete the Landscape Audit form, indicating particular types of wildlife you would like to attract, specific features you would like to add, other requirements you may have, and any problems you may currently have in your yard.

2. Draw a rough sketch of your yard. Download the graph paper.

  • Fill in your house, garage, driveway, walkways, patio, and any other permanent features.
  • Sketch in your existing trees, shrubs, and garden plots.
  • Indicate north with an arrow.
  • Although not necessary, if you wish to do it to scale, one square can equal one foot or one yard.  To measure, you can walk your property and count your strides.  A stride is typically about 2 ½ feet.

3. Mail your drawing and Landscape Audit form to Edie Parnum, 1404 Foulkeways, Gwynedd, PA 19436.

4. Edie will contact you to schedule the consultation. The charge is $50.

5. During this visit, Edie will talk with you about your goals for improving your habitat and conduct an evaluation of your property. Based on your goals, she will make recommendations for enhancing your property for wildlife. You will receive a packet of information to help you accomplish your healthy habitat goals.

If you have questions, contact Edie Parnum at 215-283-7372,, or fill out the form below.

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