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Newtown Square to Install Permanent Native Plant Garden

The Native Plant demonstration Pop Up Garden is finding a permanent home on the grounds of the Township Building. The garden, which was partially funded by Valley Forge Audubon, had been on the move within the Township to inform residents on the importance of having Native Plants for pollinating insects and birds.

On June 14th the Board of Supervisors of Newtown Township voted unanimously to have the garden come back to the Township grounds for permanent installation along with the signage that also highlights the value of Native Plants in the control of rainwater runoff.  A portion of the VFA grant will provide funds to create a Garden for All Seasons by adding the summer and fall blooming Native Plants.

Be an Advocate for Birds!

Your lawmakers care about your views and opinions. As a constituent, you can share your concerns about issues affecting birds, wildlife, and their habitats—and get more attention than lobbyists do!

To learn about current U.S. legislation that supports birds, visit  You can sign up for Audubon’s Action Network on this page.

Three actions you can take now on behalf of birds:

  • Urge your representatives in Congress and President Biden to act quickly to permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, where many migrating birds raise their young. You can take this action through the National Audubon website here.
  • Ask your U.S. Senators to ensure that seabirds (including Atlantic Puffins) have enough to eat by supporting the Forage Fish Conservation Act.
  • Interested in joining a group? Read an Overview of the work of Valley Forge Audubon’s Advocacy Committee and check out our Advocacy Position Statements. Contact us at

June 10, 2021

Save Birds – Don’t Use Glue Traps for Spotted Lanternflies!

Many people in southeastern Pennsylvania want to get rid of invasive Spotted Lanternflies. Last year a common solution was glue traps. Unfortunately, glue traps (sticky tape on trees) maimed and killed many other species besides Spotted Lanternflies. Victims included woodpeckers, nuthatches, wrens, hawks, bats, squirrels, and beneficial native insects. Even glue tape “protected” with wire or mesh killed birds that poked underneath, attracted by insects stuck to the tape.

Valley Forge Audubon Society’s partner organization, Lehigh Valley Audubon Society, has some good resources on dealing with Spotted Lanternflies without hurting birds and wildlife. Birds have a tough enough time finding food and shelter. Help support their survival by rejecting glue traps.

June 10, 2021

Visit a Native Plant Pop-Up Garden in Newtown Square

Valley Forge Audubon Society (VFAS) uses a variety of strategies to encourage homeowners, businesses, and municipalities to plant the native species that birds and insects need to thrive. One of them is providing resources and expertise for native plant “pop-up” and demonstration gardens in public spaces of collaborating municipalities. The local government of each of the municipalities with which the chapter has partnered has passed a Native Plant Resolution committing them to using native plants whenever possible.

Starting May 5, Valley Forge Audubon and the Newtown Square Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) in Delaware County will install the next of these demonstration gardens at the Township Administration building. On May 8, World Migratory Bird Day, and during the following week, in-person and virtual programs will be held with speakers including VFAS President Vince Smith. A similar project with another native plant pop-up garden is planned at the Kennett Square Borough Library in Chester County in the fall. See for more information on native plants.

Read about the gardens in Newtown Square Friends & Neighbors magazine.

April 15, 2021 (Updated May 13)

Advocacy Committee Members Lobby to Support Birds

Recently, VFAS Advocacy Committee members met with State and National elected officials representing districts within our chapter territory to discuss policies and priorities that support birds, other wildlife, and healthy habitats. In early March Audubon staff arranged “meet-and-greets” with new PA senators and representatives to get to know them and to share Audubon’s perspective on key issues likely to come before the legislature. From March 8 to 12, two VFAS members took part in the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed’s Virtual Hill Week, joining members of many other groups in urging US senators and representatives to support policies that promote clean water for people, birds, and other wildlife. Read our Advocacy Position Statements at

April 15, 2021