Birding Hotspots

Montgomery County

John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove

The first home in America of painter and naturalist John James Audubon, is a museum commemorating his life and legacy, and the preserved land around it serves as the official corporate address of Valley Forge Audubon Society.  The 130-acre former estate along the Perkiomen Creek also is home to a new educational center hosted by the Pennsylvania chapter of the National Audubon Society, with whom VFAS has had a long association. VFAS hosts bird walks on the miles of nature trails here throughout the year.


1201 Pawlings Road, Audubon, PA 19403

Meng Preserve

Originally gifted to Valley Forge Audubon Society by avid preservationist Eva Meng, this 101-acre parcel is part of the Stone Hill Greenway, an important unbroken forested corridor.  Containing rocky outcroppings and vernal pools, the steeply sloped Meng Preserve is a good place to spot warblers during migration.  In 2019, VFAS transferred this property to Nat Lands.


226 Mine Hill Road, Schwenksville, PA 19473

Green Lane Park

An Important Bird Area, this 3,000-acre park includes 800-acre Green Lane Reservoir and the surrounding forests, fields, and wetlands.  A total of 250 species of birds are considered regular here, including more than 20 species of ducks and almost 30 species of shorebirds.


2144 Snyder Road, Green Lane, PA 18054

Evansburg State Park

The ridges and valleys of Evansburg State Park offer significant areas of green space and relative solitude in an urbanized area.  A long and narrow park that follows Skippack Creek, there are six distinct eBird hotspots within the park, each with over 100 species of birds on record.


851 May Hall Road, Collegeville, PA 19426

Valley Forge National Historical Park

A diversity of interconnected and crucial habitats is present in this sprawling, 3,500-acre park, making it an oasis for migratory bird species in an increasingly urban area.  Tall-grass meadows, forests, and wetlands harbor the more than 225 species that have been spotted here.


1400 North Outer Line Drive, King of Prussia, PA 19406

Norristown Farm Park

Containing working farm fields that have been in production for over 200 years as well as woods, a pond, and two streams, this 690-acre state park is managed by Montgomery County and has plenty of habitat diversity to attract a variety of birds.  With over 7 miles of paved trails as well as earthen footpaths, the park can accommodate birders of all abilities. 


2500 Upper Farm Road, Norristown, PA 19403

Pleasant Run Park

This idyllic little park is one of New Hanover Township’s series of parks that offer over 75 acres of open space for public use.  Along with the nearby Deep Creek Park, Layfield Park, and Swamp Creek Park, the parks offer both rustic footpaths and improved accessible trails through a variety of bird-friendly habitats.


600 Schultz Road, Perkiomenville, PA 18074

Perkiomen Trail

The multi-use Perkiomen Trail runs for 19 miles along the beautiful Perkiomen Creek, connecting to multiple public parks and historic sites that offer their own differing bird-friendly habitats.  An old railroad right-of-way, most of the trail is relatively flat and composed of a 10-ft wide stone aggregate surface, making it accessible by foot, wheelchair, bike, or horseback.  For eBirders, there are five “hotspots” to choose from along the trail.  

Montgomery County Parks, Trails, & Historic Sites


Saunders Woods

This 25-acre Natural Lands property is located in the heart of the Main Line and contains a vibrant forest habitat as well as an open meadow and a stream.  Over a mile of unpaved trails wind through the preserve, where over 125 species of birds have been recorded.


1020 Waverly Road, Gladwyne, PA 19035