Advocacy Overview

Valley Forge Audubon Society is dedicated to preserving birds, other wildlife, and their habitats by promoting appreciation and stewardship of the local natural environment through education and active participation. 

Wildlife Conservation

Valley Forge Audubon Society is committed to protecting wildlife populations with a focus on birds. VFAS is concerned that a loss of viable habitat will lead to local extinctions, or increase human-wildlife conflicts. By being a leader in wildlife and bird education, VFAS ensures that the public learns more about these animals, and therefore, actively engages in enthusiastic wildlife preservation efforts. 

Watershed Health

Valley Forge Audubon Society (VFAS) supports the need for clean water as a resource for the continued health and quality of human life, to ensure bird and wildlife survival, and to support healthy plant life. VFAS is committed to ensuring that the water in the greater Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties remains clean to support flora and fauna on the land we work, play, and live on so that water may re-enter the watershed as clean and pure as possible in support of others in our watershed and beyond.

Valley Forge Audubon Society supports both the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s commitment to natural resources including clean water in its Constitution and the Clean Water Act (33 U.S.C. §1251 et seq.) passed by the United States Congress in 1972.

Native Habitats

Valley Forge Audubon Society (VFAS) encourages the protection of native habitats on the local, state, and federal levels. VFAS is concerned about the severe reduction of viable, native habitat for wild plants and animals, which may harm local populations.

Creating healthy native habitats has long been a focus of the Valley Forge Audubon Society. VFAS encourages all residents and communities to preserve natural lands and plant natives in their yards or other habitat-poor areas.

For more information about our commitment to native plants, habitats, and the wildlife that these plants support, visit our Backyards for Nature page. 

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