All About the Christmas Bird Count

If you have ever wondered about the Christmas Bird Count – what it is, who does it, and why it’s important – then please join us for this informative interactive webinar and get your questions answered. The presentation will cover the history of the Christmas Bird Count (CBC), why monitoring birds is so important, some of the insights our data has provided us regarding population trends of our local birds, and – most importantly – how you can help.

Our presenter, Vincent Smith, is the past president of Valley Forge Audubon Society and the compiler for our Christmas Bird Count. Vince first became involved with the CBC in 1995 and has been organizing the event for VFAS for many years.

Now is a great time to learn about the CBC as Valley Forge Audubon Society is in the planning stages for this year’s event, which is conducted by interested bird watchers of every skill level, including beginners – and maybe, this year, including you too?

Zoom Link:  

Passcode: 844652


Nov 28 2023


7:00 pm


Vince Smith