An Introduction to Birdsong

NOTE:  This class is designed for those new to birding.   Space is limited:  please register at

A bird’s song is a thing of beauty to the listening ear.  Whether you hear it from your open window, while taking a stroll, or on the soundtrack of a movie, birdsong is captivating and all around us.

Are you a casual or beginning birder and want to know more?  Or are you just curious about the sounds that birds make?  Then join us for this free classroom program where we will discuss why and how birds vocalize as well as the different types of sounds they make and what those sounds mean.  We will also suggest strategies to help in learning bird vocalizations and talk about some of the tools that experienced birders use to help with identifying birds by ear.  At the end of the class, those who are interested can join the instructors outside for a short listening tour to practice and reinforce what was just taught.


Mar 30 2024


10:00 am


John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove
1201 Pawlings Rd, Audubon, PA, USA


John Werth & Patty Werth, PA Master Naturalist and VFAS Board Member