Backyard Birding: How to Attract and Identify Birds in Your Yard

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Do you ever see birds in your yard and wonder what they are? Do you already have feeders up, and love that you don’t have to travel to experience the joy of birding? Whether you’re a long-time bird-watcher or brand new to it, this in-person program will offer tips and techniques for identifying common backyard birds by sight and sound. You may know more than you think! We will also highlight the 4 ways to attract birds to your yard, and other key points to keep it fun, easy, and good for the birds and you!



Apr 11 2023


1:00 pm


Helen Kate Furness Free Library
100 N Providence Rd, Wallingford, PA, USA


Lynn Sowden, PA Master Naturalist

Other Organizers

Pat Nastase, VFAS Board Member