Bird – Window Collisions: What You Can Do To Help Save Birds

Bird collisions with windows and glass result in the deaths of an alarming number of birds, taking a major toll on resident and migratory bird populations. Close to a billion birds die each year after flying into glass they cannot see, because clear and reflective windows are invisible to them.

Join Vince Smith, Valley Forge Audubon Society chapter president, for a discussion of this serious problem and what steps we can all take to help reduce bird deaths caused by collisions with glass. The content of this presentation was produced by the Bird-Window Collision Working Group (BCWG), which includes the Acopian Center of Ornithology at Muhlenberg College, Audubon Mid-Atlantic, and the Lehigh Valley and Wyncote Audubon Societies.

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Aug 24 2022


7:00 pm


Vince Smith