Birding Field Trip: Bird Banding at Rushton Woods (Updated)

UPDATE: We have been notified by Rushton Woods that due to the uncertainty of the weather forecast for tomorrow morning, the banding station will not make a decision until early tomorrow morning on whether they will be banding or not.  We will be going ahead with the walk but wanted to let you know that the banding station may not be operational.

Bird banding activities began at Rushton Woods Preserve in late fall of 2009. Since that time, thousands of birds have been documented by their banding team, revealing a vibrant, thriving population of birds that use their open spaces as an important stopover during the migration or as a permanent home for their breeding and nesting sites.

During today’s visit, we will first visit the banding station. The nets are set 45 minutes before sunrise, so visitors wishing to see the most birds should arrive by 7:45 am. Action is often constant until about 11 am, after which the nets are closed. We will spend about 30 minutes at the banding station after which we will walk the property. Those wishing to stay at the banding station for a longer period can opt for a shorter walk.

Note that the banding station operates as weather permits. They do not band if it rains or if the temperature falls below 40 degrees. This event will be rescheduled if either of these conditions is met. In addition, the public bird banding schedule could change depending on COVID-19 restrictions.

There are no on-site restrooms.


Oct 05 2021


7:45 am


Rushton Woods Preserve
911 Delchester Road, Newtown Square, PA, USA


Sarah Boucas-Neto

Other Organizers

Tony & Pat Nastase