Chimney Swift Adventure (Updated)

Unfortunately, it would seem that Chimney Swift numbers are quite reduced in our area this year, perhaps due to the unusually dry summer we have had. Therefore, the number of swifts observed roosting in the chimney at the location selected for our Chimney Swift Adventure program is drastically reduced from previous years – on the night of Sunday, September 4, only 4 swifts were observed entering the chimney, and on September 8, none! As the chimney is located at some distance from our observation spot, they were quite difficult to see because they were so few in number.  In light of this, we will still be holding our program on Monday, September 12, but wanted participants to be aware that there may not be the typical large gathering of these special birds, and therefore they may be very difficult to see. We wanted to make sure that anyone who would find this disappointing was aware in advance. Please do bring binoculars if you have them, to make viewing the entrance to the chimney easier.


You’ve likely heard that Chimney Swifts roost in chimneys – but have you ever seen them going in to roost? Come join Valley Forge Audubon Society volunteer guides to watch this fascinating early fall evening spectacle. In recent years, over 300 swifts have been observed entering the roost together at this spot.

We will be standing or sitting (portable chairs welcome) on a relatively flat surface in the parking lot. Feel free to bring the kids along – children are always welcome at VFAS events if accompanied by an adult, and this could be a great way to introduce them to the wonders of birding!

This short outing will last approximately 50 minutes — we’ll begin with some fun facts about Chimney Swifts, and then observe as they begin gathering and enter the chimney. They will likely all have entered by just after 7:30 pm.

Bring binoculars if you have them, although this wonderful birding spectacle is also clearly visible without them.

We will meet at the ballfields behind Norriton Fire Engine Company, located at 2830 Swede Road in East Norriton. As you enter the parking lot from Swede Road, use the entrance next to the grassy area with a flagpole immediately west of the firehouse. If entering from
Germantown Pike eastbound, turn right onto Swede, then follow the above directions. If you are westbound on Germantown Pike, turn left on Swede and enter as above.

No restrooms are available on site.


Sep 12 2022


6:45 pm


Norriton Fire Engine Company
2830 Swede Road, Norristown, PA, USA


Connie Stevenson

Other Organizers

Jim Ermer
Lynn Sowden