Nature Photography at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Join some of VFAS’s accomplished nature photographers – Tony, Kayann, and Rich – for a field session where they will share tips about cameras, photographic techniques, composition, and more. Whether you have a new camera that confuses you, want to fine-tune your skills, or just want to take better pictures with your cell phone or point-and-shoot camera, come learn from these willing expert volunteers in a beautiful and friendly setting.

During this photo trip to Middle Creek, we will first meet at the visitor center (100 Museum Rd; off of Kleinfeltersville Rd) and explore that area for birds and butterflies as well as flowers. Then we will head out in our vehicles and stop at various locations on Wildlife drive to look for grassland birds like grasshopper sparrows (in photo), Eastern meadowlarks, Bobolinks, and American kestrels as well as summer resident species. We are anticipating a minimum 3 hour outing but you may leave at any time. Bring water, snacks and/or lunch.

If you are not familiar with Middle Creek, here are some maps to check out.

Wildlife Drive map
Middle Creek map

Beginning photographers and non-photographers are welcome and encouraged to join us. Be aware that the pace of this outing will be very slow as the focus (pun intended) will be on nature photography rather than birding.

In the case of inclement weather (which doesn’t go well with camera equipment) please check the VFAS website, Facebook, and MeetUp pages for updates on postponements or cancellations.

There are restrooms at the visitor center and portapotties at various stops along Wildlife Drive.


May 20 2023


9:30 am


Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area
Kleinfeltersville Road, Stevens, PA, USA


Tony Nastase

Other Organizers

Kayann Cassidy
Rich Freeman