Nature Photography Field Trip

Taking photographs outdoors has its own set of challenges: varying weather, changing light conditions, and even the willingness of the subject – if it’s a bird, insect, or animal – to allow the photographer to approach.  Landscapes, butterflies, plants, birds – all are wonderful photographic subjects, but it can be difficult to get that “perfect shot”.

Join three of VFAS’s accomplished nature photographers – Kayann, Rich, and Tony – for a field session where they will share tips about cameras, photographic techniques, composition, and more.  Whether you have a new camera that confuses you, want to fine-tune your skills, or just want to take better pictures with your cell phone or point-and-shoot camera, come learn from these willing expert volunteers in a beautiful and friendly setting.

Beginning photographers are welcome and encouraged to join us. Be aware that the pace of this outing will be very slow as the focus (pun intended) will be on nature photography rather than birding.  The trip will be held on an ADA-accessible trail that meanders through the open landscape of this lovely Charlestown Township park.

In the case of inclement weather (which doesn’t go well with camera equipment) please check the VFAS website, Facebook, and MeetUp pages for updates on postponements or cancellations.

There are no restrooms available on site.


Jul 17 2023


6:00 pm


Brightside Farm Park
3108 Yellow Springs Rd, Malvern, PA, USA


Tony Nastase

Other Organizers

Kayann Cassidy
Rich Freeman