Terrific Timberdoodles 2

The American Woodcock – also known as the Timberdoodle, Bogsucker, Mudsnipe, and Night Partridge, among other names – is a fascinating and unique shorebird that isn’t found along shores.  It lives in the young woods and shrubby fields of the eastern US and is rarely seen, except at dawn and dusk in early spring when males perform complex and fascinating courtship “sky dances” – one of the most magical avian events of springtime.

Our family-friendly evening program will feature a short audio-visual presentation in the park office where we will learn about the natural history of the American Woodcock.  Following that we will venture outside for a brief birding excursion before settling in to look and listen for the Timberdoodles as they sing and display in the dusk twilight.  If you’ve never been on a “snipe hunt” before, this is your chance!

As with all VFAS programs, children under 18 are always welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.  (Please keep in mind that when trying to observe the woodcocks during their displays we will need to be still and quiet.)  Bring a flashlight, binoculars, and dress for the weather, and remember that the temperatures will be dropping as night falls. This program will last approximately 90 minutes.

Masks will be required for the indoor portion of the program; masks are not required for the outdoor portion.  VFAS encourages all participants to be fully vaccinated and asymptomatic to attend.


Mar 13 2022


6:30 pm


French Creek State Park
843 Park Rd, Elverson, PA, USA


John Werth & Patty Werth, PA Master Naturalist and VFAS Board Member