The Great Backyard Bird Count: How to Participate and Bird ID For Beginners

Birds are everywhere, all the time, doing fascinating things – even in your own backyard.  Watching them – and then reporting what you see to help scientists better understand and protect birds – is the idea behind the Great Backyard Bird Count.  Whether you go out birding or stay at home watching from a window, and whether you count one bird or hundreds, participating is easy and fun for all ages.

New to the GBBC?  Join us for this two-part virtual presentation.  The first part will explain how to participate in the GBBC.  This will be followed by a primer on the identification of common birds you might see, including finches, sparrows, thrushes, woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, blackbirds, and hawks. If you can’t tell a sparrow from a finch this is the class for you!

Zoom link:


Feb 15 2023


7:00 pm