Valley Forge Audubon Society is partnering with Dan Mummert, Wildlife Diversity Biologist for the southeastern region of the PA Game Commission to help expand kestrel and barn owl conservation programs into Chester County.  VFAS is donating at least 10 kestrel boxes to this effort and will help convert some indoor style barn owl boxes to outdoor style boxes.

Barn owls and kestrels are 2 of Pennsylvania’s grassland birds that are declining and considered species of greatest conservation need in the state. Until this point, the PA Game Commission hasn’t put much focus on Chester County for their kestrel or barn owl conservation programs, which Dan manages for 12 counties of southeastern PA.  Chester County has significant pockets of exceptional grassland habitat for both of these species but a limiting factor for these birds is likely suitable nest sites.  Dan is looking for locations for kestrel and barn owl boxes in Chester County and for people willing to build some boxes with plans he will provide.

Dan will be doing a presentation for us about this program.  Once we have the details, we will post it on our calendar and social media pages.