Traditionally, Valley Forge Audubon Society holds a fundraiser on World Migratory Bird Day each year. This year, on May 8, Valley Forge Audubon Society will celebrate World Migratory Bird Day by hosting a fundraiser for the John James Audubon Center and their bird ambassadors, including Oden the great horned owl; Sherlock, the barred owl; Oscar, Abby, and Scooter, the Eastern screech owls: Hopper, the broad-winged hawk; Pineapple and Apollo, the chickens; and Conrad, the blue jay. This is a perfect time of year to start learning more about the local birds that are here year-round and to look for those migrating back for the summer.

We ask each participant or family group to make a one-time donation to JJAC in support of their bird ambassadors. We will be holding 2 bird walks at JJAC, one at 8 am and one at 9:30 am. Please select your walk time when you register.  Visit with one of the bird ambassadors on the museum patio from 9 to 10:30 am.  Register and contribute here