1. VFAS works to protect the birds you love
  2. VFAS is an all-volunteer organization that does not have a membership fee and uses 100% of donations for conservation, education, and outreach
  3. VFAS volunteers have devoted thousands of volunteer hours just this year
  4. VFAS presented over 100 field trips, webinars, and other programs reaching hundreds of people in 2021
  5. VFAS partners with conservation trusts, townships and boroughs, watershed associations, and county and state parks to provide programming, education, and information
  6. VFAS has an active advocacy committee that promotes the use of native plants and advocates for clean water, clean air, improved habitats, and other measures to help birds thrive.
  7. VFAS programming mindfully includes those with disabilities and health challenges
  8. VFAS has an updated website that provides information on places to bird, wildlife rehabilitators, events, native plants, and so much more
  9. VFAS works with the PA Game Commission to improve habitat and provide nest boxes for bird species of concern in our region
  10. VFAS has a Backyards For Nature program to encourage the use of native plants in landscapes, which benefits birds and all wildlife

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