Audubon Mid Atlantic is continuing their spring Plants for Birds Program in Berks and Chester Counties! This program is a great opportunity for stream-side property owners to receive free native plants that require less maintenance than other ornamental plants, with the added benefit of supporting the environment and migratory birds. Native plants require less water, and once established, they will return every year and continue to benefit your property. Planting native species along streams and creeks creates riparian buffer habitat and acts as a vegetation barrier between the stream and adjacent land. Native plants not only feed and support wildlife, but they also reduce pollutants and excess nutrients in streams while stabilizing eroding banks.

If you live along any of the following streams or creeks in Berks or Chester Counties, you may be eligible!

Beaver Run, Hay Creek, Pine Creek, French Creek, Upper French Creek, Rock Run, Pigeon Creek, Birch Run, Pickering Creek, Pigeon Run

Resident and migratory birds rely on healthy streamside habitat throughout the year. By adding native plants to your stream-side property, you can make a difference for birds in your area. This program is intended to help people get started in enhancing riparian buffer habitat on their property.

If you are interested in signing-up for this program, visit the following link to learn more about Plants for Birds and check your eligibility with our mapping tool. And please feel free to share this information with anyone who might be interested and/or eligible.