Books make great holiday gifts.  Check out these new titles for adults and children.  You can find more information on our Books for Birders page.

For Adults

A Little Birdie Told Me by Matthew Papuchis

Matthew Papuchis didn’t set out to be a birder, but birds would end up playing a major role in his life. In the spring of 2020, Papuchis lost his job. Suddenly he had a lot more free time. This is when he started to notice and learn from all the wonderful bird species that had been around him the whole time.

Bird Tales by George C Wood

Bird Tales provides an entertaining account of Wood’s personal adventures, but it conveys many interesting bird facts along the way.

Drawing Birds: A Complete Step by Step Guide by Marianne Taylor

From finches to flamingos, this practical guide introduces the fundamentals of drawing birds.

Journeys with Emperors by Gerald Kooyman and Jim Mastro

With stunning photographs from the ice edge, a firsthand account of a researcher’s time in Antarctica.

The Poetry of Birds by Samuel Carr

Poets and artists have always looked to birds for inspiration. In this collection, Audubon’s iconic birds illuminate, as well as illustrate, the poems.  Among the poets and writers whose work is included are Thoreau, Whitman, William Cullen Bryant, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and Theodore Roethke.

For Children

Emma and the Big Blue Summer by Sharon Stamas & Wickie Rowland

Author Sharon Stamas was looking out her own window during the summer when she caught sight of a surprising friendship―down by her neighborhood pond was a little girl… and a big great blue heron!

Listen to the Birds by Yoann Gueny and Donald Kroodsma

Take a dawn walk through the pages of Listen to the Birds and discover 40 species of North American birds, guided by expertly informed text and gorgeous illustrations. Then, hold a phone with the paired app up to the art and watch—and listen—as the birds spring to life and sing. The fascinating science is broken down in kid-friendly terms with cheerful illustration.

Merry & Hark – A Christmas Story by April Genevieve Tucholke and Rebecca Sano

Merry has always wanted to go on a grand adventure, like the great Hero Owls from her favorite stories. But she is just a little owl. Little owls don’t have adventures. Then one day, Merry falls asleep in her favorite tree—and wakes up in a big, noisy city!

Mockingbird Moon by Patricia Conroy

A child’s imagination is sparked by an unexpected middle-of-the night, non-stop birdsong. Eventually the entire family watches and listens while a mockingbird takes center stage.

One of the Birds by Ann Colby

When Oscar the Owl gets called a nickname by the other birds of the forest, he gets upset, thinking they are making fun of him. However, after he talks to the other birds and understands what the nickname means, he realizes it is a sign of love. Featuring photos of real woodland birds taken by the author.

Unflappable by Matthew Ward and Scott Magoon

Three flightless friends long to feel the wind beneath their wings. So, they try, and try, and try to fly. But all they do is fall, fall, fall. Flying, it turns out, is hard.  Will they give up—or get up?